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Max Ortega
Social Security Advocate

Helping the disabled for 20+ years

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Max Ortega

The Right Choice

I made my way into the Social Security Disability field 21 years ago when securing a position as a Regional Manager for a National Social Security Disability firm. Being involved in the administrative aspect of the firm provided me with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of proper development of Social Security Disability cases to obtain a favorable outcome.

Due to my strong desire to help people with disabilities, in 2008, I became Eligible for Direct Payment as a non attorney ( EDPNA)  representative with the Social Security Administration. This license issued by the Social Security Administration allows me to represent claimants on all types of Social Security Disability cases including; Social Security Disability benefits (title II ), Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSI) or (title XVI), Child Disability benefits and Disabled Widows benefits. Since then I have represented over a thousand claimants in front of Administrative Law Judges.  Working for a National Firm and representing claimants in most of States definitely gave me a great advantage by gaining exposure to judges with different styles and political views.

Having a background in both aspects of the development of a Social Security Disability case (clerical as well as legal) has provided me with invaluable knowledge that allows me to properly develop and represent Social Security Disability claims – thoroughly understanding the client’s disabilities, obtaining all pertinent medical evidence, reviewing evidence and submitting it in a timely manner and as required by Social Security Law. 

I pride myself in being a voice for those needing help and have made it a life goal to continue helping those in need of Disability benefits. I channel these beliefs in your case by concentrating on the seriousness of your impairments and the legal arguments that support your claim and ultimately your Disability benefits.

Furthermore, being bi-lingual has definitely given me an edge when representing Spanish-speaking clients and helping them understand their rights and obligations when navigating the Social Security Disability Law.

 I also believe in having a balanced life and strive to do so by staying both mentally and physically active. I am an avid Mountain biker and love Yoga, swimming, rock climbing, running and participating in triathlons.  If you look me up on any weekend, you might just see me riding by you on my way up to the mountains in Orange County, California or joining a triathlon to help raise funds for an association for people with disabilities.

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Social Security Disability

We work closely with our clients to provide exceptional legal services that are catered specifically to your needs. Take a look below at the services we offer and get in touch with us today with any questions.

In Negotiation

Overview of Social Security programs offered to the disabled

The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers two main types of benefits for individuals that are disabled and cannot sustain full time employment in the National economy.
The first one - Social Security Disability insurance (SSDI) pays monthly benefits to people who have paid enough FICA taxes to qualify, and are now unable to work for 12 consecutive months or longer because of a disability. Cases for an adult disabled child filing under a parent's Social Security Account and cases for disabled widows filing under a diseased spouse fall under SSDI.
The second program - Supplemental Security Income (SSI)- is a program offered to people that are disabled and in dire need.  This program also applies to children that are disabled. However, the family must also meet the financial requirements.
I understand how difficult it is when you cannot longer work due to a mental or physical disability. Having to navigate the Social Security field can can be overwhelming.

How the Social Security Disability works

I am here to help you obtain the Social Security benefits you deserve. I know how difficult it can be when you are disabled and unable to work- Just making ends meet can be extremely difficult when you are not able to work.
I will discuss your disability claim, complete all your Social Security Disability paperwork and submit it to the Social Security Administration. I will then proceed to contact all your medical sources – doctors and hospitals – in order to obtain the medical information needed to support your disability claim. I will review the medical information received and submit it to the Social Security Administration. 
If needed, we will represent you in front of the Administrative Law Judge.


Let me help you

As Social Security Disability representative, I provide a unique one on one representation for those individuals  unable to sustain full time employment as a result of a mental and/ or physical disabling condition.

I will guide you and fight for you throughout the entire Social Security process.

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